The Fine Print Special Edition: 1 (Dreamland Billionaires)

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The Fine Print Special Edition: 1 (Dreamland Billionaires)

The Fine Print Special Edition: 1 (Dreamland Billionaires)

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As to why I subtracted .75 star? I don't know, I guess it was sort of predictable and I wish the banter and angst lasted longer. For example, Rowan is super insecure by the fact that he's a good artist so he hides that fact from Zahra. When Zahra needs to find someone to illustrate her ideas, Rowan gave Zahra the number of a guy he made up, Scott, and pretended to be him for a while, like at least a month. At first I really liked Zara . I could really relate to her in some ways . Overly playful and joking all the time , constantly blushing ….then when she refused to take his bs …..until she did .Listen I know the guy has daddy issues (basic btw) we get it . we’re sorry but we canNOT use that to justify his behavior ?! There are people who have gone through much worse and still have DECENCY. After a while she got a littttle annoying with the way she kept making excuses for him and behaving like an idiot .

it just needed so much refinement. for real, someone needs to get Lauren Asher and editor. and if she already has one they need to be fired.that being said. i liked the moments i liked... if that makes sense. if i could cut all the useless shit out of this book, the way this would be soooo good. it had the bones of a good book, just Lauren Asher needed to decide what she wanted this book to be. slowburn or insta-lust? then the grumpy-sunshine, the workplace aspect with forced proximity and the boss and employee dynamic, the talking online but not knowing you know each other in real life... This was a cookie cutter romcom that fit every box, it was emotional, romantic, there's some miscommunication trope (twice to 3 times), sex after 60%, a little bit of a slow-burn and a happy ending. It had very typical romance tropes but again it was so bad. I really needed some romance as I'm currently reading a lot for school at the moment. ZAHRA A GIRLBOSS, I loved her so much. We don't get women as strong and as independent as her in fiction very often. AND I NEVER GET TIRED OF THESE CHARACTERS. She's this bright and intelligent person who took hardships in life and used them as a weapon to make herself a better person. THE FAVORITE PART OF THIS BOOK for me was Zahra's relationship with her sister Ani. And Ani was my favorite character. I have a soft spot for disability rep in fiction and THIS ONE was executed so well! I wouldn't say that any of the dialogue she was involved in was very realistic, but I can forgive that one. Honestly, this was spicier than the love hypothesis and the hating game combined, we get 3-4 amazing sex scenes, they are pretty explicit as well. The dirty talk was awesome and not cringy at all. Rowan exudes BDE and I liked the way he talked to her.

Rowans grandfather passes away and leaves Rowan with a job to receive his 18% of the family’s company by identifying Dreamland’s weaknesses and head a renovation plan worthy of his grandfather’s legacy. This is when Zahra and Rowan meet, and sparks fly from the very beginning. The banter and chemistry between them was my favourite part. You could really see and believe the development of their relationship. now I didn’t think I’d enjoy this book as much as I did. because it’s giving me “Disneyland but for adults.” and grown ass adults obsessed with Disneyland already deserve the most brutal deaths in my opinion. /j…kinda It was predictable that Zahra was going to be pissed when she found out about Scott actually being Rowan, but it's always fun to watch heroes chase after heroines like puppy dogs so it's both good and bad. Though, after Zahra found out and her and Rowan made up it brought this incredible line The enjoyment factor was pretty high. All thanks to Rowan and his grumpy facade. I just find pleasure in seeing men like him, who are so stoic and guarded, crumble. And crumble he did. 🫠 I will still read Terms and Conditions, cause I already bought it and I kinda have to. I'm petty and don't want to waste my money, excuse the fact that I already did but yeah...The billionaire just had to take her on a private jet to NYC, otherwise it won't be a rich guy romance. (That one I'm willing to let go of). A man willing to do anything to get what he wants . Selfish.controlling . An angry man with secret smiles and soft laughs and a golden heart he keeps hidden from the world” Mmmmmm nope . y’all need to look up the definition of casual in the dictionary bcos i think you’ve got the wrong idea. then he whisks her away to New York and plans a whole book event and meet and greet with her favourite author... then immediately rebukes that she’s his gf. it made zero sense and was so annoying to read. like if he was doing the bare minimum while insisting they were causal, fine. but when they talk like a couple. act like a couple. think like a couple. then they’re a couple.

OK FIRST OF ALL: y'all do such a shitty job at advertising books, this should be illegal. What's the point of saying: I am a bookstagrammer when you DON'T DISCLOSE important information? I'm in the business of creating fairy tales. Theme parks. Production companies. Five-star hotels. Everything could be all mine if I renovated Dreamland. My initial idea of hiring Zahra was good in theory, but then I kissed her. People like me don't get happy endings. Not when we're destined to ruin them. I’ve always prided myself on the ability to remove my emotions from any kind of business decision.” So unpopular opinion but: I didn’t really like it . I’m sorry to disappoint all the lovely people who were the reason for my reading this .I don’t know if it’s just me but here are some of the things that didn’t do it for me : I know books aren’t meant to be realistic but cmon . Your trying to tell me out of all the people there Zara was the ONLY good creator ? Please make it make sense .

You also get to see a soulless capitalist man turn into a socialist, a guy who cares about his employees, because of pussy but still... it's a pretty big step.

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