The Alpha Chose Me (Book 3 of Claimed by Alphas)

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The Alpha Chose Me (Book 3 of Claimed by Alphas)

The Alpha Chose Me (Book 3 of Claimed by Alphas)

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Leah Wilson lives a typical life as an 18-year-old human female. She has lived in Florida with her grandmother since she was born. She doesn’t get out often, except with her female best friends. Sometimes, Tommy, her boyfriend, would accompany her. My mom died shortly after I was born. Bad labour, lots of blood lost. They couldn't save her. I was raised by my grandmother. Xavier turned his attention to her, and his eyes clouded with anger as he bit out, "I should kill you now and make my life less miserable than it already is. The very idea of having you as my mate disgusts me on so many levels."

It was all going to be taken away from me by this time tomorrow. How was I suppose to leave my friends? my boyfriend?. It wasn't supposed to go this way. I should be in the Academy for Werewolves. I should be worshiped as the Alpha King's daughter and treated with love and respect. I should be threading the halls with my mate, hands entwined. But here I am, eating dirt from the hands of the hottest, meanest male in school. Rune Wilder, son of the Lycan King. Just let me worry about the house and you focus on school and getting the grades you need to graduate. Deal?. Laughing she placed her hand on my knee and squeezed. "We'll be there in a few minutes. This is just the way we go". What she didn't know was that the man she slept with was the richest and most powerful man in the country; Sanders Wealth.As we pulled up to our house I noticed the cars parked in his drive way. He always had people over. Unclipping my seat belt and getting out I could hear the faint sound of music. Their house was never quiet. Alanna lives a few houses down with her brother. Gran this house has been empty for ages. Are you sure you don't want to look for something else?" I didn't want her to spend all her time and money on this house if something was wrong with it. I created this story purely out of my own imagination, so any of this book that is relevant to your family/other stories/etc is purely coincidental. I created this story about a year ago, and I'm just now starting to write about it. Yes, I'm aware the term " Blood Alpha" is very common, but that is what Alpha Navarro will be called in this book. If you do not like it, please do not read it. Are you sure we can afford this?". Our house needed a lot of work and I knew it wasn't going to be cheap. DEIMOS is neither man nor wolf. He is a God, the Alpha of Alphas. They say he has no soul for his eyes hold coldness that no heat can melt, his heart unyielding and emotionless scarred from his battles guarded by high walls. He is ruthless, injecting horror within others and striving off it. Slaughter is his pleasure. He does not understand the true meaning of love or mates, but he is mine.

Good now drink up we need to get home. We've got Charlotte and Jacob coming over for dinner". I loved that she sprung all this on me with zero warning. The car journey home was quiet. I was trying to figure out ways of getting out of tonight. They seemed like lovely people I just wasn't big on small talk.Leah, you don't worry about money. Do you hear me?". It never was something we discussed but as I got older I didn't want her getting into debt. "Money isn't the issue honey and besides Jacob won't take anything for fitting the new kitchen". Sacrificing herself to be with the domineering cold man and turning a blind eye to his sexual affairs with other women were just some of the things she needed to endure everyday. I'm afraid I'll lose the connection to her". Being here, being in this house I could feel her with me everyday. But he didn't he stood in the same spot and just stared. He was staring at me and I was starting to feel a little uncomfortable. The Human Mate is the answer! This novel is your go-to answer for a more intense-feeling book than The Alpha Chose Me. Raven’s father has always wanted her to join the Hunter Organization, even though he knows they are humans. That’s why he invited Raven to move from a big city to a town near the mountains.

Ask me that question in about a month". I couldn't tell her how I was feeling because I didn't want to upset her. She thought doing this was the best for us so I was going to try and make it work.As soon as she saw me, her blue eyes light up and she squealed. "I knew that dress would look perfect on you! Come sit down Ri!"

Wiping my hands off on my jeans I got to my feet. Everything that was in the box was now lying all over the drive. Groaning I grabbed the box and went about collecting my things. Too much pain and agony had her drinking in the bar and ending up in bed with a total stranger who wanted her but he was the same, exactly like his mate. No problem. Let's go to the bureau or else it will be too late to get a certificate." Sanders said whilst smiling happily.

Kira Bryams, after being drugged by her stepsister and her fiance during a family dinner with her fiance's family at an hotel had a one night with stand with a man. I was caught up in my own little world. I couldn't stop thinking about what he had done. With her hands on my face she pulled my focus my eyes landing on hers. Werewolves? Werewolves weren’t real right? Leah Wilson is thrust into a world she didn’t know existed. Moving from her home in Florida and setting up a new life in Texas with her gran things aren’t all what they seem. I was nervous but not as bad as I would have been if I didn't already know Alanna and Lacey. Having friends already there made it slightly better. Glancing up a gasp fell from my lips. Who was he? and why didn't he have a shirt on. Was I dreaming? Our eyes were glued to each others, it was like I couldn't look away.

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