Pajamas Satin Silk Bow Underwear Lingerie Women Sleepwear Nightdress Satin Play for Women

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Pajamas Satin Silk Bow Underwear Lingerie Women Sleepwear Nightdress Satin Play for Women

Pajamas Satin Silk Bow Underwear Lingerie Women Sleepwear Nightdress Satin Play for Women

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Like a baby Shirley Temple," giggled Trinny, who held him by one arm while she had the fingers of her other hand inside his leather harness so that he couldn't pull away from her. "And what a gorgeous, cherubic face for a baby husband. Isn't he just a cutie little darling!" Very good," declared the supervisor, taking another length of rubber elastic which dangled from his arm-bar; "now this goes over his foot and ankle like a stirrup... and there we are: his leg is crooked up like a frog's leg and out to the side. Now his other one." Jayne take me out of here... please. I don't want these women to see me in my little pinkie romper... pleeeease!"

Oh don't... Don't laugh at me, please," he wept, squirming between his captured arms so that he dangled and bounced as they threaded his romper higher to reveal more of his bloomers. Peer into our worlds of love, luxury, and lingerie – and savor each of these sexy lingerie videos to experience a different paradigm of sexy seduction and timeless elegance. Do you seek adventure, lust, or romance? Find the world that you want to dive into, and explore the depths of the Darkest Fox multiverse. The others roared, and soon he was weeping profusely as he was lifted and unhooked for his mother-in-law's maternity dress to be fitted over his head, until he was released again, with two dresses telling him who would be in control of him for the rest of his life.

Wonderful," said Angelina, "but where did you get such a great dress for husband dressing? It looks like it'll fall just short of covering his panties, or in his case, the crotch buttons of his romper." The knee loops are in doubled satin," went on Angelina, drawing plastic bags from the box and opening them to reveal softly folded satin in a childish baby blue. "They wrap under baby's knees so that he dangles with his knees spread outside his chest. On top of the bar, these upholstered U-cushions hold his upper arms, with his hands fastened into these loops underneath them. So with his weight taken under his arms and knees, he dangles with his bottom and bits as the lowest part of him... nicely arranged for us to play with them." Oh yes," said the supervisor, standing up. "You have to release his foot elastic, like this... then his knee loop to lift his leg out of it." The sobbing husband found one of his satin bootees on the floor again and put in a flurry of struggles to try and release himself, but Angelina put a stop to that by lifting his free foot into the air so that he bounced helplessly up and down again between their skirts and dresses.

This is one of my favourite dresses for putting him into," said Jayne, standing in front of him and shaking out a sizzling dress in oyster pink taffeta with a drop waist that had an enormous bow at one hip and a lace collar that draped from shoulder bows. "It was the dress I was wearing when we were at a New Year's party, and it was that night that he proposed to me." There was an "Aaaahhhh" of sympathy from the other three as they turned on him and grinned. "I want him to know he's mine now: not only my obedient husband, of course, but my sissy wimp of a baby slave." Exactly," said Angelina. "You have put your finger on the heart of the matter. By babifying these pathetic males, we show them how they are fully under our control, like a mother controlling everything for her baby. And not only that: they also see that we intend to show them in all their failure to other women who will despise them for the pathetic weaklings that they are. And that's why I want to show you the Baby Butterfly this morning." His legs were unhooked again, one at a time, and he soon dangled in a cloud of ruffles in soft, white silk, hiding his lovely plastic panties from everyone's view. The girls drew down the elasticated bottoms of his romper and fastened the buttons between his legs, until soon he was completely fastened into his baby suit and dangling up and down helplessly in the middle of his audience. Jayne set off to get his baby bag as Eleanor and Trinny undid his diaper tapes and pulled down the front. It was wet and heavy, and his penis perked up at his spectators making Eleanor squeal with laughter. Angelina stopped her with a hand on her arm and looked at his pacified and pantied face. "I think your sissy is accepting your complete control over his sex, Jayne," she said, and they all looked at him as he gently bobbed in a steady rhythm, until he started to cry into his pacifier, his eyes squeezed shut to try and escape his misery, while both his legs tried to straighten against their restraints.

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Oh stop wriggling," snapped Jayne as she stood in front of him and straightened his collar into a neat circle, "you're making yourself look perfectly ridiculous." She attended to his curls around every part of his hair, fluffing them out for everyone to see how pretty they were.

The angle the frame forced him into had his knees dangling from outside his elbows, so that his diapered genitals were held forward for the women to explore. At the same time, his face was angled forward so that he looked down on Trinny as her fingers undid the four buttons between his legs. Eleanor undid the lowest of his big romper buttons, and the elastics of his pink romper sprang open to release a flood of white silk bloomer ruffles. As you experience the thrill of discovering new worlds, you and your partner can slowly savor each other’s bodies with every sound and touch. These erotic films will stimulate your mind and body in ways you never imagined possible. He's doing it," murmured Jayne, spreading her own legs as her vagina felt a warm flow. His hands spread into stretched fingers on either side of him as he "Mmmmphhh - mmmmphhh - mmmmphhhed" into his wife's and his Mother-in-Law's panties, and all four women knew he was in the middle of learning by ejaculation who was in control of him now. I strongly suggest we put him into a satin sun bonnet," she said, producing one in rose pink slipper satin and modelling it for the girls over one fist. It had a pretty design of satin flowers over the top, with a wide brim of doubled satin which could be worn either closed forward or opened to the sides. There were long ribbons from the front edges.

There was a lot of whimpering from the sissy, but when he was under the frame, Angelina lent a hand by slipping the transverse bar under one of his arms and pulling it over the cushion to get his mitten connected underneath. His voice turned more desperate. The picture she painted drew out the strong maternal feelings in the other three women. A husband dangling helplessly in sissy baby clothes, crying pitiably in front of laughing women. Their appetites were up and they couldn't wait. "Oh Jayne," cried Trinny, her crimson lips quivering as she spoke, "shall we bring in Thomas... I can't wait to see him being put into his baby frame." It's because you're laughing at him," she explained. "He can't stand it when women laugh at the way I've babied him. Here... I'd better put his mat underneath. You could easily make him cum." Lovely," said Jayne. "Angelina is the..." and she wondered, half asking, "regional babification supervisor for Yesterday's Man?" Eleanor fussed his white satin collar in her fingers. "There, there, Sissy Jennifer," she said, "let's make baby feel very, very girly in her pretty sissy collar and then we'll be able to close her up in her panties like a proper little girl baby."

The hostess left her holding his leg and opened her bag to get her husband's pacifier. "Here, cry-baby. Open!" This is Angelina... from Yesterday's Man. As you will know, YM as it's known to us is one of the most influential, up-and-coming organisations catering for women like us. I just love that motto: 'Give us a husband, we'll give you an effeminate panty-rag'. She has very kindly agreed to demonstrate one of their training items for us today, and she's going to use my pathetic husband as her babified sissy.Me too," giggled Trinny, sitting forward and spreading out the full flare of her burgundy silk skirt with a lot of rustle between her petticoats and her pink ruffled blouse. The most exciting day I've had since sissifying that fool of mine was when I took him to the Henrietta Forced Feminisation Clinic open day, and saw their sissies on display for visitors, and some of them were dangling in suspension panties and weeping their girlish little hearts out."

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