Metro ED500 DataVac 500-Watt 120 volt 0.75-HP corded bagless Electric Blower Duster, White

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Metro ED500 DataVac 500-Watt 120 volt 0.75-HP corded bagless Electric Blower Duster, White

Metro ED500 DataVac 500-Watt 120 volt 0.75-HP corded bagless Electric Blower Duster, White

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As I've mentioned above, these electric air dusters are quite strong and they should be treated with the respect you would give to any other power tool. They are technically loud enough to warrant ear protection during extended use and should not be used around pets or children under the age of 5. If you plan to do some serious PC case cleaning projects with your electric computer duster, the ED500-ESD is definitely worth the extra cost over the ED500P. If, however, you have other uses in mind, you will probably get a better value from going with the older model. Worst of all, cans of compressed air are single-use and have to be specially recycled because they are made from steel. Never mind the fact that when you are using them, you are literally expelling greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Not cool. Say no to canned air. The multi-purpose DataVac® Electric Duster® is designed to blast dust, dirt and debris off of your expensive tech equipment. Regular use of the DataVac® Electric Duster® can help to ensure your office and electronic gear is dust-free and running at maximum efficiency. After all, the portable form factor makes it the best duster for getting deep into crowded full tower cases. It is only 0.66 pounds and can be tilted sideways or upside down unlike a can of compressed gas. It recharges via micro USB in about 3 hours, so it is easy to keep close to your rig and have ready when you need it.

The ED500-ESD has a powerful 500-Watt motor and the same 0.75 horsepower rating for its ability to push air out. This device basically sets the bar for what to look for out of an electric air duster. Unfortunately, that also means that the ED500-ESD is quite loud. You shouldn’t use this electric duster around pets or children under the age of 5. It also runs hot but this isn’t a big issue thanks to its sturdy plastic handle.The Sin Shine Compucleaner 3.0 is one of the most recognized names in the (ultra-niche) electric computer duster market for its cost-efficient air movement and its lightweight form factor. The Compucleaner 3.0 is only 1.9 pounds, making it easy to maneuver. Despite the name, this duster is effectively sized for cleaning cameras, printers, medical devices, and furniture just as well as computers. The MetroVac DataVac® Electric Duster® is available at 220/240 volts and comes with an air-pin pointer, concentrator nozzle, air-flare nozzle and a four-piece detailing tool kit. Choose EURO, UK, or AU cord. One of MetroVac’s big selling points for the DataVac is that it is a “green” alternative to compressed air. There is quite a lot of talk about how bad compressed air can be for the environment, but we thought we would investigate further ourselves. Includes an assortment of ESD Safe/Anti-Static attachments to help keep your electronic office equipment clean and efficient: a crevice tool, dusting brush and more to remove office dust from every angle imaginable. And while air is totally harmless to computers, static charge in the air is a whole different story. Most all of these electric dusters are made with ABS plastic, which doesn't carry much of an electric charge but you should still be mindful of this and ground yourself by touching your PC case (or any other large metal object) before doing any cleaning.

Electric air dusters are preferable to using gas canisters when you need to regularly clean out your PC. They are reusable and don’t have any risk of moisture escaping. In most cases, electric air dusters have been specifically designed for cleaning motherboards, GPUs and other sensitive computer parts, so you can rest assured that they are perfectly safe for use. They also often have specially designed nozzles and ESD brushes to make even easier work of cleaning your computer. If you are still worried, look for a model with adjustable speeds so you clean slowly and more carefully where needed. Using the DataVa is about as simple as can be in all honesty. Once you have fitted a nozzle/attachment and plugged the DataVac in, simply press the button on the left side and the duster roars into life. The Micro Cleaning Tool Kit comes with two heads, a brush one and one that is a bit like a mini crevice head. Both the small and bigger brush heads are really useful when you want to get rid of harder to remove dust and dirt spots. This electric duster is still guaranteed to last, though. In fact, Canless Air (the company that makes the X3) guarantees a lifetime warranty on this product. This is great because Li-ion batteries don’t last forever and that would otherwise limit the lifespan of this product. To that point, though, the battery in the X3 can last beyond 750 power cycles and only takes about 4 to 6 hours to recharge.

Some Precautions for Using Electric Dusters

First impressions of the DataVac ESD were excellent. The duster feels extremely well built with a nice and strong metal construction. The handle has a good feel to it and is comfortable, and the rest of the accessories/attachments feel good quality as well. While the price is quite high, you definitely get the impression that the DataVac will last a long time given its fantastic build quality. Operating the DataVac ED-500-ESD Electric Duster So you've committed to keeping your PC clean. Great. But how often should you actually open up your case and blow out dust? The answer depends on where you keep your PC. The MetroVac ED500-ESD Electric Duster should be your go-to if you have expensive PC hardware that you want to keep clean. This powerful electric duster is powered by a 500 Watt motor that delivers about 0.75 horsepower, which puts the air-blowing capabilities of the ED500P on par with some small electric leaf blowers. It pushes air through fast and if it was just a little bigger it really could serve as a mini leaf blower.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the filter will need to be replaced given enough use and time. This isn’t a major problem as the filters are very cheap and you can even clean them a bit to get a bit more life out of them. MetroVac also sells a whole load of other spares as well, from new handles, nozzles and more. Conclusion – Should You Buy the DataVac ED-500-ESD? The MetroVac DataVac® Electric Duster® is a compact yet unbelievably powerful computer and equipment duster. The DataVac is definitely a more environmentally friendly product in that it only requires electricity and air to run, not harmful propellants. However, if we are adding manufacturing into the equation a single compressed air can is probably less harmful than a DataVac, but overtime the electric duster will be much better for the environment.Its sturdy and modernized structure is completely redesigned to offer you the most lightweight but powerful office duster in the industry. It features a 500-Watt motor and is ideal for keeping keyboards, computers and other technological equipment clean. This anti-static dusting system Includes a 3 conductor grounded power supply cord and a grounding anti-static wrist strap that is carefully designed to minimize cling and maximize equipment efficiency. This warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship, including installation, with the exceptions stated below.

Honestly, there is no comparison between the DataVac ESD and a normal can of compressed air. The DataVac is so much better (and it should be given the price) and it definitely lives up to the hype which can be more than said of a lot of cleaning products out there. Besides cleaning your computer and keyboard, you can also use an electric duster in other places around your house. From cleaning your blinds to blowing out the filters of the best air purifiers, it’s really quite a versatile tool. I also often find myself using my electric duster in my garage for cleaning tools and anything else that may be covered in grime or dirt. In fact, you can even use it in your car to get those hard-to-reach places clean. While compressed air products are a lot less damaging to the environment then they used to be due to the banning of CFCs (CHLOROFLUOROCARBONS), they can still be bad for the environment. This is because they still use propellants such as tetrafluoroethane (HFC-143a) which is considered a potent greenhouse gas. Compressed air cans are also inconvenient to use. They have to be used in short bursts or else they can become cold enough to cause frostbite. They also have to be used standing upright or else the liquid difluoroethane inside can leak out.

You also don’t have to worry about liquid coming out of the nozzle or shaking it up like you do with compressed air, so that’s another bonus. Still, an electric duster is a great investment financially and you’re doing your part to help the Earth. Now I just wish I had invested in one sooner instead of using canned air for all those years. Thankfully, if you’ve made it this far, you might not make the same mistake I did. More from Tom's Guide Unbelievably powerful 500-Watt motor that literally blasts dust, dirt and debris off expensive computer/electronic equipment to keep it running at peak efficiency. You can also control the force by fitting the smaller nozzle attachment or the “Micro Cleaning Tool Kit” as MetroVac calls it. This is definitely the way to go if you are dusting more delicate components, but there is something satisfying about using the larger Crevice Tool attachment and just blowing a whole load of dust away in one go.

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