Who’s Lying Now?: The most thought-provoking emotional novel of 2022 from bestselling author Susan Lewis

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Who’s Lying Now?: The most thought-provoking emotional novel of 2022 from bestselling author Susan Lewis

Who’s Lying Now?: The most thought-provoking emotional novel of 2022 from bestselling author Susan Lewis

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This is one story that should never be told, and Marina is so desperate she will do anything to stop it getting out. This is an engrossing tale that is full of suspense, with a twist or two that will leave you doubting all the characters because you know someone is hiding something. I am happy to say that this book gets a 5-star rating from me. Cara Jones was a trainee investigator only 24 years old with multiple diplomas & 3 A levels so a bright girl. DS Natalie Rundle gave Cara the job on looking into the mysterious disappearance of Jeannie Symons, her husband Guy looked high & low until he couldn’t work out why she would just disappear? Susan Lewis is an author I’ve counted on for a good read. Reaching for one of her books, I know I am guaranteed an entertaining escape. Yes, I am a fan! Who’s Lying Now, provided just that. This book is not just a suspenseful thriller, the author manages to add an emotional touch with a look at the effects of social distancing regulations imposed during the COVID pandemic.

I have long been a fan of Susan Lewis and I grabbed the chance to read her latest novel with great enthusiasm and eagerness.In contrast, on a positive note, the saving grace was that our book club had interesting discussions, comparing legal processes in our respective countries, ranting about Tom, and revising our earlier predictions. Together, I think we crafted a more interesting story! Body image - overweight person is referred to as a slob - No other characteristics that seem to indicate that, just that they are overweight. Judgemental, and feels like the Authors bias is creeping in rather than a character construct. Sometimes life can change from how it is to something else in the blink of an eye. A second is all that it takes. Sophie Monroe is 14 years old when she goes missing one night. The first assumption is that the teen has run away, however, her phone and computer have disappeared and she’s taken clothes with her. Quite often had to remind myself that the main character is not a police officer - she regularly oversteps the boundaries, does a whole host of above and beyond investigating herself and holds on to crucial evidence.

The glamorous life of the yachts and French living was wonderful, and there were plenty of interesting people to speak with. It all returned once summer arrived, but there were many months that stretched in between them. It was all too much to bear and the artist decided to return to the sunny state of California. Told from various perspectives, the tale moved from the days after to the months before Jeannie's disappearance. With well-constructed characters and a layered plot, the clever misdirection throughout kept me guessing. Another winner from the pen of Susan Lewis. There's little that can be said without risking spoiling what passes for the plot in this book. What I will say is that there were occasional passages of writing which were sensitive, compassionate and very well judged, which gave me a feeling by the end of there being the bones of a decent idea buried under all the cheesy/bodice ripping padding. Perhaps, with a decent editor, this might translate OK to a TV serialisation. Sadly overall there was just far too little to justify a higher star rating for me. What I was promised was a crime/mystery, when in reality what this novel provided was a boring story about personal life of a lawyer who happens to have a client who has/hasn't killed his wife.

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This started so well. An interesting scenario whereby high flying lawyer Jessica (Jay) Wells is representing a man (Edward Blake) accused of tying his wife to a bed and smothering her to death with a pillow. Wow this book is amazing. I am a huge fan of Susan Lewis but this book had me up most of the night reading’ Reader review, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ MY THOUGHTS: Have you ever seen a nest of snakes all wrapped around one another, constantly writhing, so that you're never quite sure where one snake ends and another begins? That's what the characters of this book remind me of. They are all interconnected, their relationships so tangled, just like the snakes.

This is a pretty good contemporary mystery/thriller. Jessica "Jay" Wells is a high-profile criminal defense attorney outside of London. She is married to Tom, a criminal barrister, and they have two college-aged children. When Edward Blake, a well-known architect and developer, is arrested for allegedly killing his wife, Jay is hired by the family to represent him. The family insists that there is no way that Ed killed his wife, and are desperate for Jay to free him.

The characters were awesome. Who could not love Fliss (Felicity)? This woman added so much to the story and when her past is revealed, your heart just breaks for her. Her story highlights how easily one decision can affect the rest of your life. The sacrifice she made left me in awe. I doubt I could ever be that selfless. I enjoyed that she found some happiness in the end. Rich, seamless and masterful storytelling with so many ‘oh my god’ twisty moments… Absolute genius. I was totally gripped’ Rebecca Thornton -

I’m giving this a 4.5, rounded down because it was quite wordy and a bit slow in places. The actual story is fantastic, and I really found myself rooting for Jay. I thought I had gotten to the ending, and I liked it, but then there was ANOTHER ending that took this from a 4 to 4.5 for me. It’s a nice, cozy mystery/psychological thriller, and one I’d recommend if you don’t mind a drawn-out book. The characters weren’t particularly likable, either. In short, the main cast consisted of bitter women and lying, cheating men. Tom was the worst! Honestly, just thinking about him gives me a stress headache. The cherry on top (please note my sarcasm) was the random, unnecessary, and unprofessional rebound relationship. Let me tell you, the urge to roll my eyes and skim paragraphs reared its head on multiple occasions. My Lies, Your Lies has gone straight to the top of my favourite Susan reads. Full of drama, intrigue with so many twists and turns, I promise you'll be surprised and captivated right to the end” - Carmel Harrington High-flying lawyer Jessica Wells has it all. A successful career, loving husband Tom and a family she adores. But one case - and one client - will put all that at risk. Edward Blake. An ordinary life turned upside down - or a man who quietly watched tv while his wife was being murdered upstairs? With more questions than answers and a case to knotted to unravel, Jessica suspects he's protecting someone.

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It is up to her to make sure he doesn’t go to prison for the rest of his life for a crime he didn’t commit. At the same time she has to decide whether to fight for her husband. Drawn in two directions she has to choose where her loyalties are. The positives - I enjoyed the professional relationship between the main character - criminal solicitor Jay - and the lead detective Ken Bright. It was respectful, they shared information, but took their different roles seriously. I mean it didn’t create any sense of drama and seemed a bit too removed from reality, but it’s nice to see a story where there’s mutual ungrudging respect between the person investigating a murder and the person defending the main suspect.

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