Zig Ziglar's Secrets of Closing the Sale: For Anyone Who Must Get Others to Say Yes!

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Zig Ziglar's Secrets of Closing the Sale: For Anyone Who Must Get Others to Say Yes!

Zig Ziglar's Secrets of Closing the Sale: For Anyone Who Must Get Others to Say Yes!

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You have to assume that the customer is someone who is happy to talk to you, has money and buys from you, the sight of you delivering. You have to assume and see the end result as you want.

Selling is about conveying emotions. If a salesperson can make customers feel about their products the way they feel about them, customers will definitely agree to buy. For example, if you work as a real estate agent, then after getting acquainted with the client, you should take them on a tour of the house you are recommending. You should ask questions like: “Where do you plan to place the sofa in the living room? Where is Johnny's bed, sir?" Customers have no reason to be upset with questions like these. Or: “If this house is nothing special other than location, it deserves your attention, right, sir?” Ziglar explains that he wrote the book “to help salespeople from all walks of life be more professional and successful.”Of the keys to persuasion, “persistence” is the one that is most often misunderstood by others. It is thought that the persistent salesman is "stubborn" and "tough-talking". Actually, this is not "persistence" but it is an act of putting direct pressure on customers. I like that technique of not undermining the other person's judgement. For example when he was going to buy a car the dealer told him he made a good decision with his current car and asked if he got a good deal out of it. Zig said it's the same with raising kids. If you have a kid that is going out with a boy or girl that you don't approve of you don't want to undermine your kids judgement by saying he has a crappy boyfriend/girlfriend. Abraham Lincoln would likewise present the defendants case before presenting his own. Many times a customer is very interested and interested in the product that you are selling, suddenly he is drawn to another product that is actually not what he likes. Remember, when you're dealing with clients don't let them distract you. You have the sole goal of serving them with your products and services. Thom Norman's forte is phone sales, but he also learns and researches a lot about other sales methods. For him, the success or failure of a deal depends a lot on your wording, and that expression cannot be without important words.

You have to remember, your job is to sell, not "answer every objection". In fact, customers are very rarely completely satisfied with everything related to your product. There are objections that you cannot resolve. As long as they don't say "no" directly, we still have a chance to make a sale. The key element of the sales process is the salesperson himself. Trust is essential and sincerity is the key to opening the door of “I trust you”. If you have a deep belief in your product, you can pass that belief on to your customers, and the key to “sincerity” will help you sell more. You have to understand that, now, the world of sales has no place for liars who will never achieve anything in professional sales.The first word is the name of the customer, this is the smooth, easy-to-listen and favorite sound of everyone. Repeat their name often during the conversation because it is also the link between you and the customer's emotions. Be an assistant buyer. Help the customer solve their problem by acquiring your products or services. Second point: When a customer says no, you have to be really nice to them. Give customers the opportunity to feel the value of doubt so that they can change their wrong decision.

There is no such thing as a good salesman who is a poor closer if you cannot close you cannot sell. If you fall short in any part of the sales process including the close, you can not sell. Period.Despite this book being nearly 40 years old, the wisdom is so passionately and humorously conveyed that its hard not to learn something even if what you do has nothing to do with "selling." Although he makes up a "close," and a cheesy name for that close, out of nearly any act of persuasion or agreement ("Is that fair enough close"), he is specific, detailed and very creative in his lessons and examples. He tells hilarious stories and keeps you drawn in, even if there are occasional points of redundancy. This sales closing technique comes from the idea that if a pet store offered to let you “test a puppy out” and take it home for a few days, you would fall in love with it and never return it. In a puppy dog close, offer a free trial of your product with no strings attached. The hope is that the prospect finds your product so indispensable that after their little test drive, they can’t bear to part with it. Scale Close reasons your prospect won't buy from you: People don't buy what they really need, money, hurry, desire, trust. When customers say “no” it means “I’m not sure I will,” but they prefer to make a new decision based on new information. Therefore, you should try to close the sale as soon as you have created value for the product or have aroused the customer's desire to own the product, not after you have provided all the information. to the customer and then closing to close the deal, that is a very serious mistake.

F: friendly. When prospect smiles, uses friendly phrases, relaxes, or becomes quiet and considering, close the sale. Professional sales people understand their work and customers, know how to use words and psychological measures to convince customers to agree. After you've done what you've offered to sell, you also introduce a number of additional services, all to serve the benefit of your customers. Need to research about the product or service I'm offering. Carefully choose the best words and phrases, explanations, and expressions for your presentation. The general rule of salespeople is "to find what the customer wants and help them get it". With that, your confidence will be so strong that the customer feels convinced. You should not only believe in the product, but also believe in the company you represent, building a reputation for the company will add to your credibility in your sales career. Never confuse your situation with your prospect’s. Your wants, needs, desires, tastes, and capacity to pay have no bearing on the prospect.


Do more than promised. If you do what the customer expects, they will be content. If you go beyond the promises, they will tell others. (Maybe this explains Apple’s success. Their products aren’t always the best on paper, but people love using them because they’re well-designed to be simple and reliable.) Adversity is a basic part of sales. To succeed, we must learn to remain optimistic and focused on our positive goals. So remember how valuable selling is, listen to uplifting media, and nurture your physical energy with sleep, exercise, and the right food. 3. Assume Success: Close more effectively by acting as if they’ve already decided to buy If your prospect wants to invest X dollars but his needs come to X-plus dollars, then your real sale is the amount beyond what the prospect had already committed, in his own mind.” If you don’t honestly feel the prospect will lose out by not buying, you won’t be nearly as effective in sales. And just look at your fireplace with all those bookshelves around it for your books” Don’t hear everything

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