Indicative Trauma Impact Manual ITIM: ITIM for Professionals

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Indicative Trauma Impact Manual ITIM: ITIM for Professionals

Indicative Trauma Impact Manual ITIM: ITIM for Professionals

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The ITIM (Indicative Trauma Impact Manual) is the world’s first completely trauma-informed manual of its kind, designed to indicate, respond to, and understand every kind of human trauma and emotion. Building on decades of research, case studies, and evidence published by practitioners, academics, and scholars in the field, the ITIM equips progressive professionals with evidence-based, anti-oppressive, anti-blaming and non-diagnostic information about a wide range of human emotion, thought, and behaviour. Jaimi Shrive is a Doctoral Researcher undertaking a PhD in Politics, specialising in the way international and national politics changes the way governments respond to violence and abuse committed against women and girls. She is co-director of VictimFocus, a trainer, public speaker, and writer, creating educational resources for professionals who work in trauma, abuse and violence. She is the co-author of several public and confidential reports on the impact of violence, abuse, vicarious trauma, and misogyny in policing, and social care services. Work like this is vital, in my opinion, to end victim blaming. If there are millions of these offenders, how can any person or agency blame the victim? How can they claim they should have seen it coming? Or should have known? Or should have protected themselves more?

One of the claims made in the 1st chapter is plainly wrong. In the second paragraph she claims: (paraphrasing) that the medical model is so dominant that most people including professionals accept it as settled and proven. That is incorrect, and Dr Taylor should know this. That is one of the reasons the DSM and ICD are regularly updated with illnesses added and removed. For example, ‘hysteria’ is completely removed because it has been recognised as nothing more than a way to discount and control women. ‘Homosexuality’ is out too and no longer thought of as an illness or disease. Also, the DSM ad ICD make no recommendation towards treatment. They merely identify and define the different types of illnesses currently accepted. But, if you want to look at the medical aspects, those change and are reviewed too. In the US it is managed by the Food and Drug Association (FDA), in Europe by the European Medical Association (EMA) and the U.K. by the British Medical Association(BMA). As drugs and their effects are made and prescribed, so to are they continually reviewed and either changed or discontinued. Nothing about the field is static and settled. To suggest it is, is foolish. The service provides logical and rational approaches to traumatised people, which demonstrably consider what is in the best interests of their clients. Similarly, the service believes that trauma responses to distressing experiences are logical, rational, and explainable. This journal has been created for women who would like to explore and reflect on their personal journey of pregnancy, birth and motherhood. As the authors say at the outset, “Everything must start somewhere” and this book is an excellent beginning to broaden thinking in a trauma informed way. It is a resource for practitioners who are prepared to be open minded and who want to understand more about human experience generally and the impact of trauma specifically. It has so much to offer in terms of learning, all provided with a sound evidence base. There truly is something for everyone.” – Fiona Gwinnett, CEO of Wight DASHThis book was a disappointment. It is advertised as a non-diagnostic alternative to other manuals of mental health (like the DSM or ICD). While it is good that the authors have taken the time and effort to take on such a monstrous task, the result is a confusing, contradicting piece of literature which, as a clinician, I feel has limited use. When working therapeutically with people, there are other alternative approaches to the use of diagnostic labelling (such as the Power, Threat, Meaning Framework by Johnstone and Boyle) which make better use of relevant research/theory, are more clinically informed and, overall, are more useful than this manual. Founded by Dr Jessica Taylor in April 2017, the aim of VictimFocus has always been to provide critical thinking, evidence based practice, accessible information, affordable educational resources and challenging ways of approaching victim support services. Jessica started the business on her own, and took on several small contracts of training, consultancy and research with universities, authorities and research institutions. In 2017, she was commissioned to write the national evidence review in child sexual exploitation practice, which was published open access by Research in Practice in October 2017. THIS is the real reason why sexual violence and child abuse is so common - not because victims have ‘vulnerabilities’, but because there are millions of perpetrators in every corner of our lives. We also know that TRAUMA can cause permanent and/or lasting changes to both the body and the brain. There is no myth about it. I highly recommend reading THE BODY KEEPS THE SCORE by Bessel Van Der Kolk— who also uses trauma informed therapy. Even Sigmund Freud, thé granddaddy of psychology theorised that it was TRAUMA in early childhood that caused mental illness in adulthood. Psychology 101. Whilst we might not like this stats and results, we cannot continue in our sector without accurate estimates of how many people are abusive and dangerous.

Dr Jessica Taylor, born in October 1990 in Macclesfield, grew up in Stoke on Trent with her parents and siblings. The eldest of seven children, Jessica describes her early childhood as ‘a normal, working class upbringing in a small mining town’. Whilst studious and committed to her education, she was subjected to many forms of violence and abuse between the ages of 11 and 18 years old. This resulted in her leaving school early, and not completing her high school education. She did however, attend all of her GCSE exams in 2006 after many months of refusing to go to school and leaving home. She achieved 13 A-C grades. Jessica had a vision for an independent organisation that could challenge, change and influence millions of people to understand that victim blaming, misogyny and pathologisation was embedded into every system in the world, and so in April 2017, she launched VictimFocus. This unique book is for anyone volunteering or working with children or adults who have been abused, traumatised or harmed.

One issue with the structure is that there is no cross-referencing system, so the language you use to look up a particular response or coping mechanism needs to match the opinions of the authors. If you look up something which isn't there, keep searching as you may find it under a different phrase or heading.

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