Ariana Grande Cloud EDP Spray, 100 ml, Blue

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Ariana Grande Cloud EDP Spray, 100 ml, Blue

Ariana Grande Cloud EDP Spray, 100 ml, Blue

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I thought that I got it wrong or I am obsessed with my work at the hospital.. But when my husband smelled me without telling him my thoughts he told me that I smell like a hospital or a surgical gown.. I really don't know what I am doing with my 100ml bottle. I already did a rather long review on BR540, which I'm not a fan of but I really love this one. But it took a while. I'm going to try to explain the main difference here, because they are very much alike, but at the same time very different for one big reason. I'd also want to touch on the subject of fragrance snobbery because these two have definitely ruffled some feathers when people compare mainstream to niche - but that would fill up a book. So perhaps that will be for another time. Some days it can be quite fun wearing it because it smells so weird. But I would never consider wearing it for days I want to smell good. BASE: 2 hours out- the dry down seems to be something I can smell on a breeze, my shirt, or in my hair- but my skin is almost totally scentless by now. I really like the dry down. It's musky, and the sugar/cream has turned into unsweetened marshmallow. Faint scent of something floral- maybe it's the orchid- but I wouldn't describe it as lavender at all. It's pleasant! I don't really catch any woodiness on my skin.

And lo, will it define Gen Z teen girls (and maybe early 20s adults) forever. I can finally identify that I have smelled this before around my younger coworkers. Up close on myself - I'm sad to say I don't see the appeal? i expected it to be this original creamy sweet coconut however it’s more of an Y2K, fruity scent with a tiiiiiiny hint of shredded coconut. i can’t smell the praline nor the cream. if i want the creamy sweet coconut scent i always have to pair it with something else. and it’s not only on myself, it’s the same when others wear it too.I get about 20 minutes of this, but thats bc I tend to overspray (5-6 sprays) bc I enjoy the dry down so much. And if you can wait it out, it's worth it.

Some drugs may have Authority Required (Streamlined) status which does not require an explicit approval from Medicare, instead the doctor can use the Authority code found in the published Schedule for a given drug/indication. It is sweet and warm. Amber most definitely. Cosy and sexy. It is a little synthetic but not too headachey. Not a rich as BR. The inital top notes are flowery, soapy and sweet. It almost immediately warms with your skin and then its sugary, creamy and sweet. Like caramel and walnut whip. The base is sugary, musky with warm wood vibes like sandalwood and I tend to get more coconut as a base than as a top note. There is a soapy note that runs throughout which makes it smell more artificial I think. Possibly the lavender note which I could see some people finding it headachey. Anyways, moving to the real deal I remember testing it on paper a few years ago and being unable to smell anything so I kinda just wrote it off. Now I have the small version and now that I've finally tried it on skin I'm happy to say that it is a nice scent. The notes that shine brighter on me are lavender, pear and marshmallow. The oppening is when the lavender shines more and I'm glad it's there even though I'm not a lavender lover because it gives more dimention and helps balancing out the sweetness. The marshmallow and pear is what stays when it dries down, which is cute but I guess that's were some people get the platic-like smell. (I personally don't smell it) And the biggest difference? Cloud has considerably less band aid smell compared to BR540 so if you dislike BR540 because of that, give Cloud a try. If you do a wrist test, with each scent on each wrist and compare them, yes you can tell the difference. BR540 is far more complicated and has some better quality ingredients. The sillage and longevity are also very different - Cloud doesn't announce its presence before you enter a room, it actually sits pretty close to you but the longevity on me is rather impressive, I can smell it on my wrist the following day until I take a shower. BR540 on the other hand is loud, you will not miss a person wearing it in the same room. I do not want to fill a room ever, I think that's not attractive and I want people only to be able to smell my perfume if they're standing close. So for that reason alone I'd choose Cloud. People looking for leaving a big trail behind them will not be happy with what Cloud offers. In my experience, this is like Can Can from Paris Hilton. Smells the best on the right (small) doses.The whipped cream note was so, so promising... until that praline barges in with a plastic battering ram. And then the musk settles, a sweet tule fog over everything.

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