Lords of Uncreation: An epic space adventure from a master storyteller (The Final Architecture Book 3)

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Lords of Uncreation: An epic space adventure from a master storyteller (The Final Architecture Book 3)

Lords of Uncreation: An epic space adventure from a master storyteller (The Final Architecture Book 3)

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Irdis, the oldest Int still working, has been haunted by the 'presence' for a long time, but it never goes away, or even gets easier. The good guys rally and mount a breathless, last minute, do or die mission ( that lasts the final third of the book). The guy just keeps reinventing the wheel, breathing new life into old tropes, and in the last 5 years or so, has quickly become one of my favorite authors. She is captured and becomes a spy-on-the-inside against her friends but nothing comes of that except to get her on the same ship as her friends so she can escape. I was also sad to see the crew of the Vulture God seperated instead of working together, as to my mind that was when they were at their best.

That “tedious round of politics and violence” occupies much of the novel and reveals how crazily committed to power through war the rest of the world seems to be.In the first layer, Tchaikovsky develops the individual characters, primarily the crew members of the Vulture God. He made it sound as grudging as he possibly could, and was secretly, wretchedly grateful that here, at the end of all things, he had people like this who had his back. A relatively cowardly type of guy, Idris just wants to be left alone, which is why he has been working on a deep space tug as their navigator, for, being an Int, he can steer off the main unspace travel ways. A. Corey, noting that both works contained "space operatics, down-and-dirty noir and intrigue elements, band-of-comrades adventure, gothic spookiness, alien weirdness, special-effects-go-boom sequences, and mysteries that could well remain mysterious when all is finally wrapped up.

I struggled again, same as in the second book, to remember who all of the characters were and what they did before. There are some epic developments particularly with Olli and Idris and the complexity of the character relationships deepen as well with the plot developments. All things considered, even though it lacks the sheer sense of wonder of some of his other works, Lords of Uncreation is a fitting capstone to the trilogy.

What made this series so fun concerned the intriguing cast rather than the science, making this really a character driven adventure with technology and such being merely the backdrop and largely handwaves. And yet, here I was, tearing my hair out, screaming in frustration, whooping and cheering in other moments and cackling madly. I have been hooked by Adrian Tchaikovsky's "Final Architecture" from the very beginning, so I screamed when I got the chance to read this book. The Final Architecture series is a classic space opera with ridiculously fast space travel, all sorts of aliens, spaceships, space arcs and space colonies, and - of course - a ragtag crew of misfits. It’s got a scrappy little crew, feuding polities, and an existential threat in the form of aliens who are beyond humanity in just about every sense.

This was not as satisfying of a read as I hoped it would be (especially after the stunning finale to the second book in the trilogy). It is pointless to the rest of the novel and story; it treads THE EXACT SAME GROUND as the second half of Eyes of the Void. Now with a diminished crew serving the whims of an alien gangster they manage to take up a central role in Idris’ final effort to stop the destruction of sentient life on settled planets. Yet as a someone who judges books more as a journey than a destination, my excitement was dulled by the time that the story picked up.Taken as a whole, the trilogy is certainly not one of his lesser series, yet at the same time I find it doesn’t excite me the way his other novels do. She even is a bitter person at the reunion at the end because her friends are more successful than her.

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