Girlcrush: The #1 Sunday Times Bestseller

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Girlcrush: The #1 Sunday Times Bestseller

Girlcrush: The #1 Sunday Times Bestseller

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It focuses on Eartha, a woman who is in a toxic relationship with a man and, after breaking up with him, ends up posting a sort of coming out video on her Wonderland account, which immediately goes viral. From the hugely popular author of Women Don’t Owe You Pretty comes their fiction debut; a unique, highly relevant and engaging story that focuses upon Eartha, an influencer who begins to lose grip of her life after a. instead she chose violence and decided to dip her toe in fiction, because someone forgot to remind her that writing is, like, a skill. I read it for both of us to save you from the hours of your life you will never get back if you were planning to read it. circling back to the text's moral value though, i think even having the good grace to afford it the label of 'problematic' or whatever (vague and redundant term though it is) is a waste of time, and actually affords the book far more credence than it is worth by engaging with it as a piece of instructive literature rather than the absolute steaming bin fire it actually is.

despite being a self-insert character who makes collages for the internet and is the 'voice of a generation' (lol) eartha is also surrounded by graffiti'd given-isms such as 'maybe it's a girl crush, maybe you're queer,' a slogan popularised by given on her own instagram and to which eartha replies 'now THAT'S fucking cool. A sponsored date turns into an expose and Eartha becomes more and more withdrawn and depressed, neglecting her other relationships. Es bedeutet nicht, dass eine Person nie in einer Beziehung sein wird, die hetero auf die Außenwelt wirkt.A self-professed feminist, Given went viral in 2018 for starting a petition to cancel the “fat-shaming” (and just terrible) Netflix series Insatiable. Florence designed the merchandise for Rita Ora's Girls Tour in May 2018, curated her first exhibition 'Girls Interrupted, and designed a limited-edition t-shirt for the fashion brand WEEKDAY. Sie ist eine bisexuelle Künstlerin, wohnt in einer grottigen Wohnung und hat gerade ihren Freund rausgeschmissen, weil er sie mit einer anderen Frau betrogen hat und dieser Frau auch noch ihr Lieblingsshirt geschenkt hat, das sie selbst designt hat. The only problem is that in the attempt, Given made those themes more prevalent than necessary and didn’t leave a good taste in my mouth. I thought this would be a fun summer read but it’s definitely aimed more at younger people who love and idolise influencers on Instagram or maybe someone who hasn’t picked up a book to read since being forced to read Of Mice and Men in GCSE English.

Die Figuren sind spannend, das Setting ist interessant und ich fand es spannend, Earthas Weg zur Online-Persönlichkeit nachzuverfolgen.A few years ago, whenever a friend was telling me about the latest stupidly unthinking thing their boyfriend had done, I would unleash this maxim or, alternatively, “it’s a wonderful day to dump him”.

If you follow florence online, it just sounds like a fictional version of her life and friends and experiences - maybe it was a cathartic exercise for FG. After becoming viral overnight on social media she soon becomes addicted to spending her time online. But there’s clearly a thriving market for people who purport to be a voice for Gen Z, both for the sake of Zoomers who want guidance and relatable media, and for the sake of non-Zoomers who want to understand what interests and concerns young people. We use Google Analytics to see what pages are most visited, and where in the world visitors are visiting from.It's all fine though because (SPOILERS) in the last chapter of the book, Eartha posted such an epic rant about the head of Wonderland (the metaverse) that she somehow destroyed the company and maybe capitalism altogether. I actually don't have words for how much I hate this line and how detrimental it is for non-binary people who aren't androgynous looking people who take up space like men so I'm just going to leave it there for you to reflect on. it also feels very much like /someone/ was about to miss their deadline, hence the hilariously abrupt ending of 'wonderland existed 2018-2030,' which feels very, 'and it was all a dream. The pain that Florence clearly went through at the hands of theslumflower's followers was awful to read through Eartha's experience (let's all agree not to comment/message people on social media and tell them to k*** themselves? Sadly, I was left feeling disappointed and underwhelmed by this 'story' and pretty much everything about it.

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