Emergency Questions: 1001 conversation-savers for any situation

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Emergency Questions: 1001 conversation-savers for any situation

Emergency Questions: 1001 conversation-savers for any situation

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If you found out that it was actually made out of wasp urine, and always had been, would it still be your favourite and would you carry on drinking it? This might be presented as a joke but the abject failure of that useless app to take even the vaguest hint of your actual current location into account, and its stubborn refusal to be corrected on this point, is maddening to the point of wanting to let the tyres down on the bloody Google camera car. What would you rather have named after you: the public toilet in the centre of your town or an embarrassing disease? Would you rather be the most famous and successful person of all time, but only after you’ve died, or get 2-for-1 meals at Harvester for the rest of your life? If you could travel back to medieval times, what single object would you take with you that would guarantee that you would be made queen/worshiped as a god?

Artificial Intelligence: If you were stuck in a lift with a sentient jar of pickles that claimed to be your long-lost brother, would you believe him?If there are ever sex robots, as any right-thinking person hopes, would they be self-cleaning or would there be another small robot that would clean the sex robot or would there be a person whose job was to clean out the sex robot before the next person used it? Lambert Warbeck MP’s request for ‘the longest BBC Rope’ that led to me meeting one of the most remarkable people I have ever known, though more about her here. as his earlier work with Them – and in particular the staggering I Can Only Give You Everything, which sounds like every single band on Nuggets – Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era, 1965-1968 clobbering each other with cheap amplifiers – is for the most part little short of astonishing.

Incidentally, I’m equally puzzled by the after-the-event popularity of both Young At Heart and The Whole Of The Moon. It was muffled and indistinct apart from a brief moment when we were talking about Ian Curtis, when it suddenly became momentarily loud and clear.What do you think of the decision made by Jeffrey Katzenberg of Disney Studios to cut the song When Love is Gone from the theatrical release of A Muppet Christmas Carol ? Have you ever bought a biscuit or chocolate bar that has turned up with an ingredient missing from it? If you could go into a chrysalis and turn into anything else – you can melt in there if you want – and you still have your memories, what would you turn into on the other side? Is it cheating to have sex with someone who has had an organ donated to them by your partner, or is it your duty?

You could easily imagine letting her hide behind you when she got spooked – which was often – and in retrospect she was about as close as children’s animation came to the Scream Queens who were all over the late sixties/early seventies shlocky drive-in horror movies I would later become so enamoured of.Anyway, Ringo’s original crisp vision involved a much smoother, flatter and indeed more Skip-like texture, before later being relaunched with a more rough and earthy texture and a much more compact shape. e., you could smell any environment from the past or future, but not something specific; you would – your sense of smell would travel in time, but nothing else would) or have a free pineapple delivered to your door every day for the rest of your life (and that will be delivered at 7:00am wherever you are in the world and the people won’t wake you up; it will just be left outside your door), but there will be a fresh pineapple waiting for you wherever you are? When a Saturday Boy in a Mr Wimpy costume was upended by exuberant youngsters outside the Wimpy restaurant adjacent to Liverpool Central, and started rolling down Ranelagh Street with increasing momentum.

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