ADHD: A Hunter in a Farmer's World

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ADHD: A Hunter in a Farmer's World

ADHD: A Hunter in a Farmer's World

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While a Hunter’s ability to concentrate in general may be low, his ability to utterly throw himself into the hunt at the moment is astonishing.

Ritalin as a stimulant that creates a greater sensitivity to sensory input makes risk-taking unnecessary to feel the sought after sense of aliveness. With the prevalence of Ritalin and other similar drugs, Chapter 16 examines the role of these drugs in treating ADHD. It is argued that in the hunter-gatherer cultures that preceded farming societies, hunters needed hyperfocus more than gatherers.If the wild boar vanishes into the brush, and a rabbit appears, the Hunter is off in a new direction. The metaphor of a ‘hunter in a farmer’s world’ fits so many of the ADHD youngsters and adults with whom I have worked. Furthermore, a recent 2020 study found that ADHD allele frequency has been decreasing for up to 35,000 years, indicating negative selection.

Hartmann’s theory, now fairly widely accepted as I understand it, helps to illustrate and explain the differences between my neurodivergent brain and a neurotypical brain. In considering ADHD in an evolutionary context, Thom was the first to point out the survival advantages of ADHD in hunter-gatherer societies and also the first to identify the link between ADHD and creativity. These two brain formations control the sensory input to the brain, the thalamus as a gate to the cortex and the reticular formation as an alarm announcing that there is danger. We are proud members of the Neurodiversity Movement, which is also a part of the Disability Rights Movement.I Disregarding that traits are labelled ‘hunter’ or ‘farmer’ it was interesting to hear more about how they developed and why they might be under utilised in a modern office environment. The second half of the book is a bit more generic, and you’ll probably find that your interest correlates negatively depending on how many other adhd type books you’ve read. Good content, but - as every 5th sentence is “quote-unquote” hearing it 100 times within 30 minutes does really become annoying. If we think of this distribution as lying along a 12 inch ruler, then those with extremely focused consciousness may appear in the 2 to 3 inch area, while those with an extremely open consciousness or inability to focus is in the 9 to 10 inch area.

A guest faculty member at Goddard College in Vermont, he also synthesized the "Younger/Older Culture model" for describing the underpinnings - and possible solutions - to the world's ecological and socio-political crises, suggesting that many of our problems are grounded in cultural "stories" which go back thousands of years. However, there are opinions presented that give me the feeling the author is biased against drug solutions. It could be that this type of personality is behind many great artists and scientists who focused intensely on one area and made huge progress but were still considered dropouts and eccentrics.With such a wide distribution among our population, is it reasonable to assume that ADHD is simply a quirk? The Hunter can also learn various forms of meditation to increase their attention span and needs to create a “distraction-free zone. From growing up shame based, square peg/ round hole, to the recognition that we have a place in the world. However, the author does not give teachers or caregivers credit in how they go about treating hunter children.

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