7pm to 7am Sleeping Baby Routine: The no-cry plan to help your baby sleep through the night

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7pm to 7am Sleeping Baby Routine: The no-cry plan to help your baby sleep through the night

7pm to 7am Sleeping Baby Routine: The no-cry plan to help your baby sleep through the night

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I can honestly say our bedtime routine is now a joy, my little one and I both love it, and she’s such a happy baby which I believe is down to what Charmian taught me. But as I said, you really need to have hit rock bottom as that is the only way you can get through the crying. It’s pro feeding whether breast, bottle or mix feeding but gives a step by step guide to establishing breastfeeding and lactation.

My consultancy options offer help with a variety of child and parenting obstacles such as feeding, digestion issues, lactation, self settling, weaning, toddler behaviour and direction, potty training, moving on from co sleeping, or establishing routine at an older age. Starting as you mean to go on and teaching positive associations with feeding and sleep is much easier and kinder to your baby as opposed to changing your baby’s world as they know it, weeks or months later. The early months with a new baby are exciting and magical, but can be very emotional and exhausting if sleep is disturbed night after night. By establishing a consistent sleep schedule, helping your baby connect sleep cycles, and implementing strategies to extend morning sleep, you can successfully guide your baby towards a 7pm to 7am sleep routine. To help your baby sleep until 7am, it's essential to develop a calming and predictable bedtime routine, such as bathing, reading a story, or singing a lullaby.Since 6 weeks (she is now 10 months) she has had 3 nights when she has woken for about 10 mins then gone back to sleep. When your baby wakes up early, keep the lights dim and interactions low-key to encourage them to fall back asleep. Being consistent with a day routine shouldn’t mean inflexibility – a routine should be forever evolving as baby grows. He is up and down all night long, often crying until I go in and then up for the day anywhere from 04. He still does occasionally wake in the night if his teeth hurt or he has cold or something but generally is great.

I figure a placid baby who wakes, feeds and sleeps again 3x in the night is about the same as a hugely active one who sleeps 7-5 am and then wants to bounce on you, but the latter is deemed to be 'better'. So my only tip would be to get as much food (milk or solids) in as possible (I'm not suggesting force feeding ).Feel full and content day and night Sleep twelve hour stretches at night with no dream feed Whether you are breastfeeding, bottle-feeding or a bit of both - and even if you have twins - Charmian's approach will make sure your baby stays awake and playful during the day and not at night! Please can you ask the lady how I can get my 3 year to sleep through the night and until at least 6?

It's important to be mindful of daytime naps; while it's essential for babies to nap during the day, too much sleep late in the afternoon can affect their nighttime rest. But from 9 months or so he did go back to sleep immediately after a feed so within 10 min we'd be back in bed. You could try moving the nap slightly earlier and for less time but 11 solid hours through the night is much better than fewer hours broken up over a 24 hour period. My two have (generally speaking) been good sleepers and on good nights will sleep 11, 12 sometimes (rarely) 13 hours.

If they wake at say 5am and refuse to re-settle would you just keep trying until 7 then suddenly change tack and open the curtains and do a jolly "good morning" through gritted teeth? Cut naps times to one nap a day ideally and over the middle of the day so waking no later than 3pm for a 7. Without knowing the full details of your situation, I will have to make some assumptions, including that you already have some kind of daily structure with twins and this is definitely where your main focus should be to start with. We had a bedtime routine from the day we came out of hospital, bath story etc and I kept the night feeds, when she had, them very very boring . This is a tricky situation and I would ideally like to know more about your day to day routine before advising but I think the first obvious sleep sabotage is the twins sleep environment, your twins need space to sleep.

You can start a routine from day one but of course this would be a feeding plan initially, which will then progress to an ever-evolving routine as your baby grows. She is nearly 12 (years), goes to bed at 10pm and does the weekend teenage thing of not getting up til about 10am.

With 26 years’ experience working in childcare, Charmian Mead is a highly successful newborn sleep, routine and breast-feeding consultant and has been teaching her method for 20 years. Oh and re when did it start: with DD1 is started really early (about 2 months) and with DD2 about 4.

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