Conversations with God Vol 1: An Uncommon Dialogue

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Conversations with God Vol 1: An Uncommon Dialogue

Conversations with God Vol 1: An Uncommon Dialogue

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Awareness’ is the experience of that consciousness being awakened. The individual aspect of the All becomes aware of itself.” It's important to learn about Divine Dichotomy and understand it thoroughly if you are to live in our universe with grace. Divine Dichotomy holds that it is possible for two apparently contradictory truths to exist simultaneously in the same space. Neale says he never thought for a moment that any publisher would seriously consider putting a book out that contained the transcribed notes of a person who said he was talking to God, but that he sent a type-written copy to a few firms to see if the messages he was receiving had any validity. Jesus is said to have sought to lead by example, which is why he said, "I am the way and the life, follow me". Follow me meant that we should follow his example and become one with God rather than become his (Jesus) followers. Jesus and other living things are/were not one with God presently (everything is happening right now with no space/time difference). Jesus is supposed to have said, "The Father (God) and I are one, and you are my brethren". This means that living things are all one (particles of the collective God) ( Book 3, Chapter 20, PG. 329-330). I will quote some stray lines of other great people here to align with my point—DANCE OF CREATION—stated above,

Please, your heart. All we need is to come to Jesus and ask honestly, without being judgmental or cynical, to come to our heart, and said that we want to know Him better. No one has ever died for you and me like Him!! His blood had paid the price of all sins!! I didn’t know at the time, but I eally was zooming out cosmically to glance in aerial view what was this small event of me in relation to life----what? Human answers didn't matter one bit at this point! I gave this book five stars because it was truly was amazingin that it made me evaluate my life in a way I never have before but really needed to. Raised in a religious home, I believe my faith has always been strong. However, some events in the last few years have shaken it a little, and I was having a hard time with the concept of God that I grew up with and was familiar with. There isn't a doubt in my mind that I was led to find this series of books, and it couldn't have happened at a more perfect time. I was at what I believe to be the most receptive at that time. You need to read this book with an open mind. Walsch’s defense of Hitler’s actions are in line with his teaching of relativism: Hitler might be called “evil” but only “within the context of our human experience.” And Hitler was commissioned by God “to show humanity to itself for the purpose of lifting humanity above what it had become and what it had sunk to” (Larry King interview, op. cit.). Therefore, in Walsch’s world, Hitler was just another thread of the tapestry and was necessary to help us move forward.Walsch is a hippy at heart, but even hippies learned that having multiple partners wasn’t so great after all. As one hippy told me, “I got burned out by all the sex.” The purpose of our soul is to be and express Who We Really Are. Our soul is the tool through which God expresses and experiences Himself. We've always lived, to some degree, in an "Every Man for Himself" world, but now we're living in an "US Against THEM" world, which is even worse. Why? And how can we live happy, joyful, and fulfilling lives in such an increasingly hostile environment? Anyway, accounting for the rating: three stars for making me laugh plus three stars for an imaginative tale. Subtract four stars for trying to pawn off things like these as words of his God: Yet if you can remember this truth—your perspective creates your thoughts, and your thoughts create everything—and if you can remember it before you leave the body, not after, your whole life will change.

The FACT is: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, James, Peter, Jude (it's another Jude, not the one who sold Jesus to the romans), they wrote in the New Testament, they were some of the first disciples of Jesus Christ, of course they lived in the era of Jesus Christ! I received a forward this morning that appears to have been going around for at least 4 years telling me to “Be Aware of This Book” Similar to this hoax notice at Where God and Medicine Meet: A conversation between a doctor and a spiritual messenger (November 2016) ISBN 978-1-93790-748-8

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It's Paul who wasn't one of the disciples of Jesus Christ. He was actually against Christianity and he captured the first believers to arrest or to torture them. He was Jewish but a roman citizen. He never met Jesus before, because at that time Jesus had already been crucified and raised to the Heaven. But Jesus came to him on his way to Damascus and Paul got blinded by Him for three days. After this personal encounter, he repented and accepted Jesus Christ as God. Then He chose Paul as the first apostle to preach to other nations outside Israel, especially within the roman empire at that time. He wrote many books of the New Testament. I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe God has redeemed me. I believe God is the owner of everything and that He's NOT just an observer. He's a creator, a helper, He puts action! He came to this world and crucified!! If someone pays your debt, would you say "what debt?" and walk away? I really was going meta..... beyond.... I wasn't asking for answers mortal opinions would grant---no "God-thought" etc would have satiated me then. I wanted first-hand experience of truth in that moment. DIRECT EXPERIENCE. Not concepts like "God" and "Gita" and "Shiva". Hence the sabbatical I was had undertaken!

Conversations with God: The Making of the Movie (Photos & Stories) (by Monty Jones with Neale Donald Walsch) (August 10, 2006) ISBN 1-57174-499-1 John Style, “What Happens When God Describes Utopia?: Neale Donald Walsch's Utopian Vision”, Spaces of Utopia: An Electronic Journal, nr. 1, Spring 2006, pp. 135–147 <>ISSN 1646-4729 For those, if any, that have bothered to read this lengthy review, or part of it, I hope that I have contributed to increasing your understanding about God et alia, and have inspired you to read this valuable volume. Before I state anything about that I will explain one thing first—the entire book speaks from a cosmic point of view, not social point of view. If you are extremely inclined about going meta in understanding of life, not of understanding suffering which really is vested in the human mindscape, then you will begin reasoning well with God's words. I am speaking about going meta…..beyond….. questioning every single morality-judgement. Paradigm you are operating from, putting question mark on each and everyone of your own filters, if only you can go to that level of liberated viewing will God’s points of view about consciousness begin making sense. In truth, there is only one life force that is gaining expression in all different forms everywhere in the universe. So, singular creation/ consciousness is at play everywhere. In that aspect, everything in the universe is merely a dance of creation.

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Conversations with God – Guidebook, Book 3 (by Alissa Goefron) (December 1, 2008) ISBN 978-0-98194-382-4 We cannot change the mess the world is in without a change of consciousness. He repeats: “You must stop seeing God as separate from you, and you as separate from each other”. The part where the author says that Hitler did nothing wrong and Hitler went to heaven was ridiculous. The author tries to substantiate it by saying that many people followed Hitler's ideas at that time, making it more ludicrous. I never expected such immature statements in a book discussing spirituality in depth. Such inane insolent remarks will impugn the originality of the whole book.

All these things we must place into Life. First, into our own life, then into the life of another. Or, for some, it is the other way around. I want to say for most of us it is the other way around. For most of us, it is nearly impossible to give ourselves what we most want to receive: forgiveness, compassion, tolerance, mercy, peace, acceptance, and love. God gives Neale/us a tool by which to change his/our consciousness – Act as if we were all one. We should see everyone as ourselves, just having a difficult time. Then start acting as though there were enough. The key to life and understanding : we have to believe first, then comes the understanding. But if we think that faith to God is stale...we'll never get the true understanding. Just like relationships won't work when we have no trust.

This book is the third part in a three-part series. The first book focuses on some major issues humanity is facing today in their personal lives, spirituality, and how they function in today's world. The second book goes into a bit more detail, and this third book goes into more detail about more specific things like (don't laugh) life on other planets, more highly evolved beings (HEB's), and how we are treating our bodies and our environment. Everyone can learn something by reading this book (or the other 2). You really should start by reading the first in the series.

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