Maledictions (Warhammer Horror)

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Maledictions (Warhammer Horror)

Maledictions (Warhammer Horror)

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Cursed Healing : A physical healing ability that consists of good effects, though also contains nasty side effects. These side effects are permanent. Someone afflicted by this would lose any sense of camaraderie and would be unable to identify friend from foe (see Orc genetic curse for more information). Flora: Curses inflicted by this spirit may cause flora and soil to spread roots/leaves/branches (and the sort).

Fauna: Curses inflicted by this spirit will cause victims to have sensitivity to moonlight, to become obsessed with the moon, or experience excessive pining. It may also cause a person’s skin to become hypersensitive to sunlight and burn easily. Haunted Imperial cathedrals or Nighthaunt-infested castles, anyone? The Gothic genre has influenced all the Warhammer settings over the years and presents great storytelling opportunities. Fiarza - Spirit of Air, depicted as an agile woman adorned in feathers, able to shift shape into any flying animal. From the listed options under each spirit, only one (1) may be chosen. No spirit can grant more than one specific type of curse. This may either be rolled for, or decided by the victim or both parties.


Flora: Curses inflicted by this spirit will cause flora and soil to become offensively fragrant, and/or flimsy to the point of breaking. The pre-modern world was another story. Thieves had to deal with much more than a telling-off or a hefty fine. Some books were inscribed with maledictions, curses that laid out–often in excruciating detail–how justice would be meted out to unscrupulous borrowers. According to Dr Eleanor Baker, author of the forthcoming book Bookish Maledictions, medieval curses often involved “excommunication, hanging, hell fire, and drowning”. Thieves were essentially warned that they would pay for their crimes–not in gold–but in blood. These curses, Baker told explained, could “appear in a variety of settings, from twelfth-century wills to seventeenth-century recipe books, and late medieval commonplace books to nineteenth-century school textbooks”. In this tier, the Witch Doctor must /roll a four (4) or higher to be successful. A /roll of three (3) and below are failed rituals. They are sometimes capable of knowing the success or failure of their rituals. Only five (5) rituals may be carried out per IRL day. The maximum duration of maledictions is 12 IRL hours. Reached after 3 IRL weeks of study at T2.

The victim must be present at the ritual for a direct curse, being able to OOCly see your actions as you conduct the ritual before you finish. Fauna: Curses inflicted by this spirit will cause victims to be intoxicated, delirious, and/or celebrative. Victims may also find a strong desire to drink, consume drugs, or celebrate even the most basic of tasks.In this tier, the Witch Doctor must /roll a five (5) or higher to be successful. A /roll of four (4) and below are failed rituals. They are incapable of knowing the success or failure of their rituals. Only three (3) rituals may be carried out per IRL day. The maximum duration of maledictions is 6 IRL hours. Reached after 2 IRL weeks of study at T1.

Curses are immediate maledictions to the soul. A Witch Doctor may often not have the tools, or simply the need, to brew a hex. Instead, the Witch Doctor can commence a ritual that will instantly afflict the target with a curse. Movements of the ritual play the most crucial role in this form of spellcasting due to the instantaneous results and appeasements for the Spirits.C’est fou de penser que les gens qui se disent croyants sont les plus touchés par les mauvais sorts. Ce n’est pas correct. Lors que je vois un pasteur ou un imam ou un autre fidèle qui fréquente les églises et les mosquées chaque jour et qui par conséquent souffre du mauvais œil, je me dis que ce n’est pas Dieu que cette personne prie. Parce qu'en vérité, Dieu se dresse toujours entre le méchant et le croyant. Si Dieu ne le fait pas, ça veut dire que leurs prières ne sont pas exaucées. Appears as a succubus-like creature who shifts between male, female, or both. Will attempt to lure all who summon it into temptation and seduction. If it succeeds it will entrap them. While victims are susceptible to suggestion, they cannot be forced to do something against their strongest morals. For example, the king of a nation cannot be forced to spontaneously dissolve the monarchy. This is a choice of the player. This would essentially bestow the Elf curse upon other races and intensify it for Elves while active. The potency, summoning amount, and chance to attract the desired Spirit is based on their skills and knowledge of the magic. To determine the success of a ritual, the Witch Doctor must /roll out of six (6). Rituals that are deemed successful provide the desired maledictions. Rituals that are deemed as failures provide an unintended spell for attracting an undesired Spirit. Additionally, Witch Doctors may only conduct a fixed amount of rituals per day, for they become too tired to reconnect to the Spirit Realm. All of these aspects can be represented by the tier list that follows:

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